Why Should You Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Bridal beauty services are often not seen as a priority or fall last on the to do list.

My questions is why? So much money is invested on the venue, food, music and Dress so why not set aside an adequate budget for your wedding day beauty services?
Your wedding day will be your most photographed day, where all eyes are truly on you, I’m sure you would love a look that compliments not just your dress but YOU, after all you will have these photos forever!

A true bridal beauty professional has worked with several brides and is a pro at what they do.
They know that they need to work WITH you as a TEAM to give you the best version of yourself.
They are a business owner that specializes in beauty services, who will outline all the details contractually because lets face it booking your services is an investment & MUTUAL commitment!
As your hired beauty professional We promise to show up! On TIME! To your location of choice with all the tools we will need to make your day as smooth and easy going as we can.

So Why not hire a beauty pro?


Hire a pro and let us take care of you!